About Neil The Florist…Artist Educator


ABC of floral design…


flower arranging…

and all things flower-related.

Art, Business and Craft of floristry.

Please contact me on 07899 994393
by email: neil@neilbainfloristry.com

Neil is an artist educator, a British Master Florist with exceptional skills and knowledge in floristry.

The passion and aptitude that Neil has for art is inspired by flowers, foliage, plants, seed heads and other natural elements. Other aspects of life and culture, such as the environment, recycling, sustainability, utility, music and fashion also drive Neil to create floral designs, artworks and share experiences.


Neil constantly produces new art works and installations.

Neil is a British Master Florist and can be contacted by email – neil@neilbainfloristry.com or on 07899 994393.

Should you wish to organise flowers to be delivered or provided for any purpose or occasion …

Neil is happy to give details of the florist that he works in as a freelance florist. Working with a team of dedicated and talented florists, who are also happy to provide floral displays and arrangements for all events (such as weddings, funerals and parties).

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