Wiring & Taping…What About Costing Floral Designs?


Interesting discussions today about floristry workshops and techniques.  Discussed teaching buttonholes and corsages…also spoke about the costs associated with making a basic buttonhole?

There are sundry materials such as wires, tape, pins along with the botanical materials like flowers and foliage.  Wholesale costs for carnations can vary between 15-40p each flower, these usually have to be purchased in 20’s or 25′, ivy trails are sold in 10’s or 50’s at 15-50p per trail…all these are also subject to VAT.  So between £5.40 and £42.00 – at wholesale cost for botanical materials only – to make a single carnation buttonhole, this excludes any mark-up or labour charges).

Interesting facts about the costs of making a basic buttonhole.

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